What You Should Do About Exposed Tree Roots

Local contractors - Forum - Inspections & Maintenance - . One of our Franchise Owners received some pictures of an all too common problem in many home landscapes exposed roots under a tree. A The customer wanted to know what could be done in order to grow grass or even cover the roots so that it is easier to mow in that area ..More

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Have You Seen These Bees Flying Around Your Lawn?

Listings Of professional contractors - Resources & Guides - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - . There are numerous species of solitary bees that make single nests or burrows in the lawns in March into early April. A  These loner bees include: Membrane Bees, Digger Bees, Sweat Bees and Mason Bees. A However, all these bees make similar type of burrows in which they will lay eggs. But the females from some species will make several burrows in the same area ..More

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Avoid Doing This To Your Lawna€¦

Local commercial contractors - Technicians Talk Blogs - When a lawn is power raked, it will pull up an abundance of grass blades, both alive and dead. There are power rakes that have a grass collection system, similar to a leaf sweeper, to collect the grass that is pulled up. That means there will be a good deal of raking to remove all the plant matter from the lawn. . It may make it easier to use one of those, but the grass still has to be placed into bags or into a compost pile ..More

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101 On Eastern Tent Caterpillars

Locate licensed contractors - Blogger Zone - One of the easiest ways to control Eastern tent Caterpillars is to remove the egg mass through pruning in the fall or early spring. If it is a minor outbreak and there is only one or two small tents in the tree, cut out the tent and dispose of it. ..More

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4 Lawn and Landscape Chores to Get Your Yard Ready for Spring!

Search and locate residential contractors - Repair Tech Forums - None of these are too labor intensive. A  Your muscles may not feel that good about doing all the work, but your garden will benefit from your hard work. It always feels good to be back outside, working in your garden after being cooped-up indoors for several months. ..More

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