Have You Started Seeing Grubs In Your Lawn This Year?

Service Expert master contractors - Technicians Talk Blogs - Unless the spring is very dry, most people don't even notice spring grub activity. They don't feed as voraciously in the spring as they do in the fall. They will still feed on turfgrass roots, but usually the grass is growing quickly and the roots are replaced before any damage is noticed. ..More

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Should You Be Seeding Your Lawn This Spring?

Popular contractors - Resources & Guides - installation & repair - Depending on the species of turf in your lawn, you should continue making applications of fertilizer throughout the summer. Bluegrass and perennial ryegrass should receive about 3 to 4 pounds of nitrogen per year whereas tall fescue should receive about 2 to 2. All of these grasses do better when higher amounts are applied in early spring and fall and less in the summer. 5 pounds of nitrogen per year. ..More

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101 On Eastern Tent Caterpillars

Popular certified contractors - Repair DIY Help Center - . One of the easiest ways to control Eastern tent Caterpillars is to remove the egg mass through pruning in the fall or early spring. If it is a minor outbreak and there is only one or two small tents in the tree, cut out the tent and dispose of it ..More

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Have You Seen Mushrooms In Your Yard This Year?

Locate Nearby emergency contractors - DIY Message Board - A To me, mushrooms are the sign of a lawn that has a good deal of microbial activity. Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of these fungi as they work away in the soil, supplying nutrients to plants through decomposition of organic matter. There are many common mushrooms that grow in lawns. ..More

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What Are Those Orange Slimy Growths In My Trees?

Listings Of professional contractors - Popular Forum Pages - . A  During the wet weather of spring, the galls will swell and produce gelatinous tube-like structures or horns. The disease develops a gall that is somewhat round, about the size of a golf ball, brown in color and has dimples on it ..More

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