Avoid Doing This To Your Lawna€¦

Directory Of certified contractors - Home Contractor Blogs - The reason why I don't think it is caused by fertilizer is that the browning is too consistent, although there are several areas that appear to be unharmed. . A I also wondered about the lines going through the damaged area, which is something you would not see if this was related to a misapplication of fertilizer ..More

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101 On Eastern Tent Caterpillars

Service Expert technicians - Homeowner Blog Pages - Their larva have the capability to defoliate a tree in the spring and have the ability to move to other trees once they have finished defoliating the old one. . Each egg mass is about the size of a pencil, has a varnish-like color and contains 150 to 300 eggs. A If you are careful and very observant, you may even be able to see the egg masses laid on a branch last fall by the female ..More

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Should You Overseed Your Lawn This Spring?

Listings Of residential contractors - Forum Pages - The best time to overseed an existing lawn is late summer until early fall. . If you did not have a chance to do so last year, it might be something you want to take care of this spring ..More

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Now This Is Something You Don't See Every Day!

List Of certified contractors - Service Consultant Forums - You can tell if they need water by observing the exaggeration of the natural concave curve of each leaf. . The one thing that Air Plants cannot tolerate is to be in standing water. Be sure that that any excess water is shaken out by turning the plant upside down ..More

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Have You Seen Mushrooms In Your Yard This Year?

Directory listing of licensed contractors - DIY Guide Blog Pages - For the most part, mushrooms are not an indication that a lawn has a problem. It usually just means that these organisms are breaking down organic material and are a benefit to your lawn. ..More

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