Watch Out For Large Underwing Moth Larva

Local certified contractors - Service Repairman Forums - There is no information on how it arrived in North America. A  According to a bulletin from the University of Idaho's Extension service, the first moths were collected flying around a porch light in Nova Scotia. This insect was accidentally introduced from Western Europe and was first founded in 1979 in Nova Scotia, Canada. ..More

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What You Should Do About Exposed Tree Roots

Search and locate residential contractors - Service Technician Blog Pages - . Avoid using a non-selective grass control like Round-Up if there are numerous exposed roots. It is better to carefully dig out the grass without damaging the feeder roots as best as possible and then add the mulch. The grass that is growing under the trees should be removed by digging it out. Any grasses that do poke through later in the year can be spot sprayed with Round-Up ..More

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Buying a Tree Isn't an Impulse Purchase

Local contractors - Contractor Forums - . Do your research and make sure you are buying the best tree for your yard. It will save you time and money in the long run. Don't make buying a new tree an impulse purchase ..More

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Be On the Lookout: Large Patch Symptoms Now Showing!

Top 10 technicians - Service Technician Blogs - . A The easiest way to check the soil temperature is with a digital meat thermometer, pushed in the ground about two inches in four or five locations throughout the lawn and then average out the temperature readings. There are fungicides that work very well on these diseases, but require two applications in the fall, 30 days apart, when soil temperatures drop to below 70 degrees ..More

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4 Lawn and Landscape Chores to Get Your Yard Ready for Spring!

List Of technicians - Talk To An Expert - Repair & Service Guide - Replacing the spark plug, cleaning and/or replacing the air filter and changing the oil is usually all that needs to be done. ). A lawn mower is not that difficult to tune-up. . (If there is something more complicated than that, you may want to opt for the mower repair shop ..More

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