Watch Out For Large Underwing Moth Larva

Listings Of residential contractors - Your Local Forums on Repair Issues - The females will then lay eggs (a single female can lay up to 2,000 eggs) through August, but they can be active all the way until October. Once they are done feeding, the larvae will burrow into the soil to make a cocoon. . When disturbed, cutworms will curl up into a c-shape. They will pupate in May and the adults will emerge and be more active at night ..More

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What Are Those Orange Slimy Growths In My Trees?

Find licensed contractors - Residential Service Forums - One year it infects a cedar or juniper and the next year it infects the apple tree. . This disease's life cycle takes two years to complete. Even though it takes two years to complete the disease life cycle, the disease can infect the same tree every year as many trees can be infected and the wind can carry the spores of the disease up to two miles ..More

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4 Lawn and Landscape Chores to Get Your Yard Ready for Spring!

Top 10 technicians - Helpful Links - maintenance, upgrades, inspections & installations - Here are a few tasks that you can take care of now as the weather begins to warm up. Spring has officially begun, so it is time to get ready for the coming growing season. ..More

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Should You Be Worried About Cicada Damage?

Top 10 certified contractors - Advice, Tips, Helpful Blog Pages - She will continue laying eggs for two to four weeks and can deposit up to 600 eggs. A All this feeding can result in a condition known as flagging, where the tips of the branches die from the damage of the egg laying process. The periodical cicada causes more damage than the annual cicada, so it is fortunate that these cicadas come out on such an infrequent basis. . She will continue making these slits and depositing eggs into the same branch or on other branches. When the female makes the slit, she deposits 20 to 30 eggs. This does not kill the tree, but can make it look unsightly ..More

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Now This Is Something You Don't See Every Day!

Directory listing of industrial contractors - Service Company Blogs - There are numerous websites that provide instructions on caring for these plants. . I am always interested in unusual plants and an Air Plant does fit that definition. These seem like fairly easy plants to grow, so I may try to locate some in my area ..More

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