Your Guide On How To Attract Different Species of Birds.

Locate Nearby commercial contractors - Home Technician Forums - It is best to stay away from seed mixes that contain a high percentage of milo or millet seed. . Here are some suggestions on which seed will attract which birds: ..More

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Sapsuckers: Don't Let Them Destroy Your Trees!

Search and locate technicians - Guide & Tips - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - A They use their brush-like tongue to sweep the sap out of the holes. Sapsuckers are the only member of the woodpecker family that causes this type of extensive damage. . They do so in order to obtain sap from the tree and will also feed on the cambium layer. Insects make up the larger part of the Sapsuckers diet, but it is better known for the prolific number of holes they will make on the trunk or major limbs of a tree ..More

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Buying a Tree Isn't an Impulse Purchase

10 Best reputed technicians - Ask Away - Forum Pages - If you are in the market for a new tree to plant at your home or at the home of a friend, neighbor or relative, do a little research before you go shopping. . A  Although fall is the best time of year to plant a tree, all the new trees are on display. If you drive by a nursery or garden center, you will see all types of trees and shrubs up for sale during this time of year ..More

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Should You Be Worried About Your Plants? The Weather is Warming Up Early!

Top 10 residential contractors - Ask And Expert - DIY Help Center - A  It just can't get here fast enough. I know we will still have to endure cold and even some more snow, but I know that spring is not that far away as the first day of spring is March 21st. I hope that we do get the 50 degree weather later this week and I do hope that it begins warming up, but as it is said, I hope springs eternal. ..More

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Have You Started Seeing Grubs In Your Lawn This Year?

Locate technicians - Service Consultant Blogs - Then the whole process begins again. In the spring, when soil temperatures begin to warm, grubs will begin rising to the surface, feed a little bit, than burrow back into the soil where they make a small capsule in the soil to pupate and emerge as adults in late spring to early summer. ..More

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