Avoid Doing This To Your Lawna€¦

Directory Of technicians - Faqs - Message Board - A If done properly, there is little damage or stress to the lawn. I have not actually seen this site, but I am fairly sure the damage that is seen in this lawn is the direct result of being power raked too deeply. A  Unfortunately, many times the user of a power rake machine sets the cutting depth too low and ends up causing damage to the lawn. . A A power rake is a machine that has a series of tines on a shaft that spins at a very high velocity to power rake thatch dead grass from a lawn. A Since it is just supposed to skim across the top of the lawn, not rototill it ..More

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What You Should Do About Exposed Tree Roots

Directory Of emergency contractors - Contractor Forums - One of our Franchise Owners received some pictures of an all too common problem in many home landscapes exposed roots under a tree. . A The customer wanted to know what could be done in order to grow grass or even cover the roots so that it is easier to mow in that area ..More

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What Are Those Orange Slimy Growths In My Trees?

Local residential contractors - Contractor Blog Pages - A  On the cedar. Cedar-Apple Rust is an interesting disease as it requires two different plants to complete its life cycle. Juniper or arbor vitae. ..More

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The Forsythia Are Blooming! What Does That Mean For You?

Top 10 emergency contractors - Repair Service blogspot - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - Depending on the year, this may not occur until mid-May in the Midwest. I am sure some turf professor was asked as to when the best time to apply a pre-emergent weed control product and he picked a plant that was popular and one that everyone knew the name and that bloomed early. The crabgrass statement is not really based on any hard and fast rule. A It can be used as a reference point, but it is more important to understand that crabgrass will germinate when soil temperatures are greater than 55 to 60F degrees for 7-10 consecutive days. ..More

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4 Lawn and Landscape Chores to Get Your Yard Ready for Spring!

Directory listing of certified contractors - Forum Topics - . ). (If there is something more complicated than that, you may want to opt for the mower repair shop. Replacing the spark plug, cleaning and/or replacing the air filter and changing the oil is usually all that needs to be done. A lawn mower is not that difficult to tune-up ..More

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